Sam Hunt Gets Blasted For Freeing Severely Injured Fox Instead Of Calling Animal Control: “He Should Heal Up Enough”

Sam Hunt country music
Steven Alan Worster

The burning question that has rested in the back of everybody’s mind…

What is Sam Hunt up to?

Okay, nobody has probably been thinking that… particularly all of us who hate pop country (we all remember the brutal days of “Body Like A Back Road,” “Break Up In A Small Town,” “House Party,” and more).

And yes, I know he started to turn some heads last winter amongst the country purists when he dropped “Start Nowhere,” but ol’ Sam has been known to throw in a true country song here and there just to keep his cred.

But as far as recently, what has the guy been up to?

Freeing injured foxes it appears that are trying to get into the chicken coop it appears.

The 38-year-old took to social media to post a rather brutal video of himself freeing a fox that had gotten its leg trapped in his chicken coop.

He wrote in the caption:

“One of the stealthiest creatures in the south slipped up and got his leg stuck in the chicken coop.

He might not be as agile as he was but he should heal up enough to get along alright.”

The only issue with the situation, is that the fox’s leg appeared to be severely injured (it’s literally flapping around, broken in half) and you can visibly see the creature struggling as it limps away. Between infection, blood loss, and the inability to move and hunt… the fox is probably as good as dead.

And don’t get me wrong, wild animals are pretty resilient, but I’m not sure that “should heal up enough,” as Sam suggested in his caption, is in the cards for this little fella.

Nevertheless, Sam’s own fans were quick to blast him for sharing the video, and freeing the fox instead of calling animal control to help fix his leg and nurse him back to health.

Here’s a look at some of the comments:

“Why on earth would you post this. Foxes are not generally aggressive to humans and could’ve been secured I. A large blanket and put in a large dog crate and then a wildlife rehab contacted. That will not just heal on its own.”

“With all his money he couldn’t help this little guy out before releasing it back to the wild to suffer.”

“Why would you not call an ACO or rehabilitation center? That paw needs to be amputated. You just prolonged it’s suffering”

“I understand the intent on posting this but this ain’t it SH. That animal is going to die and posting this is mocking that. Most of us don’t want to see a dying animal on our timeline.”

“You should’ve called someone that actually cared enough to help the poor fox. If you wanted to do it like this, don’t post it for us all to see. Disappointing.”

“This is sad… why post a video? The best thing to do in that situation is secure the fox with a blanket and then get him free so he can be taken to a sanctuary and not have to suffer with a clearly broken limb and hope he doesn’t get gangrene and die. His limb was hanging off. It’s not likely that he’ll survive.”

“I’m not sure how this was helping him. Unless I’m viewing it wrong I can see the paw flopping around it 100% a fracture and judging by the blood an open fracture that will be infected.

“This is not helping, you just hurt it. Helping would be catching it and releasing it later. Totally unnecessary.”

“This is so sad they should’ve called animal control and put him to sleep and healed his little leg and put it back together instead of letting him go on his own.”

“Yea that’s not gonna heal. He is going to die after not being able to hunt and eat.”

“Sorry but unfollowing. That animal needed actual help, not be left with quite clearly a broken bone. Not cool!”

“Guess the views were more important than using both hands to free this poor creature.”

“Why wouldn’t you trap him so he could get his clearly busted leg bandaged. You may as well just shot him.”


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