Oklahoma Wildlife Department Sets Social Media Ablaze With “Weedoo,” A Water Vegetation Removal Vehicle

Oklahoma weeding
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

To be honest, I had no idea life-changing inventions were still happening until I saw this video.

This weed puller, jet ski combination is being called a “Weedoo,” and I couldn’t be happier with that name.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation posted the video of the aquatic vehicle in action this past week, and social media users can’t get over how great of an idea the thing is.

These workboats are actually manufactured by a company in South Florida called Weedoo, who have apparently been creating machines like this for over 20 years.

They state on their website:

“From shallow water operation to swamp or wastewater retention pond cleanup with our amphibious machinery, our breathe of products allow for productive, efficient, and effective remediation whether it be on the water, in wetlands or the mainland.

We value our natural resources and thanks to people like you who seek out solutions to preserve nature, we will win the fight to restore our waterways! Nothing Cleans Waterways Better Than Weedoo!”

What an amazing slogan….

Some are saying that the thing looks like a floating forklift, with the front lift of the vehicle being able to pull up weeds and algae from the edges of ponds and other bodies of water.

Doing so allows for fishermen to more easily access the edges of the water, and removing the weeds and algae also helps keep the fish in the water healthy and thriving.

All of the plant life that is removed from the water is then placed up on the shore to be removed or left there and mowed over. I could watch the thing go to work for hours and not get bored, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun to actually operate.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation definitely thought so, which is why they decided to share the footage of it in action on their Instagram, saying:

“ODWC Fisheries Crew are on the grind at our Close to Home ponds! This equipment is used to clear aquatic vegetation around fishing locations, opening up areas for anglers to easily cast in.

Removing weeds this way is better than spraying with chemicals this time of year, so decomposing plant material can’t cause low oxygen levels, which can result in a potential fish kill.”

I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without ever seeing one of these things, and now I’m officially all in on Weedoo as a company.

Where can I buy stock? (Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor).

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