Seagull Gets Its Head Ripped Off For Trying To Steal A Snack From A Sea Lion

Sea lion attack
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Don’t mess with that sea lion.

He will literally rip your head off. But then again, it’s hard to blame a wild animal, they are really just out there fighting for every single meal.

Sea lions can grow large reaching up to 800 pounds. It takes a lot of food to feed an animal that large.

They are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat, typically fish but also squid and anything else they think is edible and they can catch.

They use their speed of up to 25 miles an hour to chase down their prey before using their sharp teeth and strong bite to quickly end the hunt. These wild animals get defensive over their food. They work very hard for each meal and don’t always know when they will get their next.

This sea lion did not intend to share his food with this seagull.

Some people are seen throwing some fish to a nearby sea lion. As it hits the water a seagull swoops in and does what they do best, steals the food.

The sea lion doesn’t take to well to this and reacts with anger. He takes out the seagull pulling it beneath the surface and thrashing him around until his head comes off.

I guess the sea lion is having seagull instead of fish…

Let’s all just make sure to not mess with this guy’s food.

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