Koe Wetzel (Painfully) Gets A Chicken Finger Tattooed On His Thigh By Raising Cane’s CEO Todd Graves: “That’s Enough Crust”

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Koe Wetzel

If you’ve never had a chance to eat at a Raising Cane’s, then you’re missing out.

Coming from a guy who has grown up in the southeast all of his life, and has been surrounded by incredible fast food chicken restaurants such as Bojangles, Popeyes, Zaxby’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, I can assure you that none of them compare to Raising Cane’s incredible chicken fingers.

I’m just glad there isn’t one within an hour of me, because I would probably be there at least four times a week, and it would be incredibly detrimental to my health.

And you know who else is a huge fan of Raising Cane’s?

No other than Koe Wetzel.

The country rocker has always professed his love and promoted the fast food chain, and he even helped hand out orders back in February.

Needless to say, the love runs deep.

With that being said, Koe expressed his love for Raising Cane’s once again in the best way he knows how…

By getting a chicken finger tattooed on his thigh.

But, perhaps the best part about it is that he received it from the founder and CEO of Raising Cane’s himself, Todd Graves.

Graves even tattooed his initials at the bottom of the chicken finger, just to prove that it was legit.

A few of us have gotten thigh tats that we’ve immediately regretted after a blackout drunk night, but this is one I’m sure ol’ Koe will be forever proud of. Although, TG was running that needle fast and deep… Koe was hurtin’.

Check it out:

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