Busch Light Offering The Chance To Get Married During A Kevin Harvick Pit Stop At The NASCAR Race In Las Vegas

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Busch Light

There’s nothing better than grinding through a wedding ceremony, and then pounding beers like there’s no tomorrow at the reception as you celebrate your loved one getting married.

And if you’re engaged to your significant other and want to have the most incredible reception imaginable, Busch Light is giving you the perfect opportunity.

The beer brand has unveiled their latest campaign, the Busch Light Pit Stop Wedding, straight out of Las Vegas…

This is your opportunity to get hitched…at a NASCAR race…during Kevin Harvick’s pit stop.

If you and your significant other are 21 and up, you can get hitched in Vegas in only 15 seconds by the ordained Busch Guy, all on pit road during Harvick’s pit stop at the South Point 400 NASCAR Cup Series playoff race.

All you have to do is follow and tag @BuschBeer on social media, and tell them why you and your significant other want this opportunity. Also, use the #BuschPitstopWedding and #Contest hashtags.

Krystyn Stowe, head of marketing for Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser Busch said in a statement:

“We know Busch Light fans love NASCAR just as much as they love having Busch Light at their weddings, so we couldn’t resist merging these passions to give our fans an experience they’ll never forget.

Busch Light is no stranger to the wedding game after releasing a camouflaged wedding dress inspired by our camo cans and having one Busch Light loving couple married by Busch Guy, we’re back at it again to share our unprecedented access to the NASCAR track with one lucky couple in honor of Harvick’s last NASCAR race in the wedding capital of the world.”

NASCAR, marriage, and Busch Light. It doesn’t get any more American than that.

And if the ceremony only takes 15 seconds, that just leaves more time to party afterwards.

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