Jacksonville Jaguars’ New Facility Has Urinals That Track Player’s Hydration Levels

Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars

Being a professional athlete takes an attention to detail that most of us would never be able to handle, but I’m actually okay not having to deal with this new feature in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ new bathrooms.

If you missed the announcement of their new state-of-the-art facility, it opened up back in the middle of July and cost $120 million dollars for the two-story, 125,000 square foot complex. The place looks pretty damn sweet, check it out:

Think about having access to that place whenever you want? With a cafeteria, gym, golf simulator, and so many other amenities, why would you ever leave? However, it seems like the hype video left out one minor (but major) detail about the bathrooms in the facility…

Probably would have been strange to have up-close shots of toilets and urinals set to upbeat pop music anyways. Lucky for us, NFL Redzone’s (I simply cannot wait for 7 hours of commercial free football) Scott Hanson was wandering around the Jaguar’s new pad and noticed something unique about the urinals in the bathroom.

Once he found out about the high-tech feature, Hanson decided to utilize his announcing voice and share with the world the sensors that have been placed in each of the urinals. Equipped with hydration detection, the urinals will light up with different colors based on how “hydrated” the urinal user is.

Hanson describes it in the video below as:

“You’re about to see the most advanced urinals in all of professional sports. Jacksonville Jaguars headquarters, alright, that’s a sensor that will measure your hydration level.

If the light turns green when you go, you’re good. If it’s yellow, you need to hydrate some more. If it’s red, you’re probably going to get a notice from the athletic trainers and maybe have an IV.”

I don’t know about you, but the whole thing seems a little invasive to me, even though I’m sure it will help out the athletic training staff. Take a look:

X users weren’t really sure how to feel about it either, sending back replies underneath the video that Hanson shared saying:

And speaking of Redzone, only 31 days left until the NFL kicks off (for those that are counting)…

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