Canadian Man Delivers All-Time Response To Government Recommendation Of 2 Beers A Week: “Not Even Get You Through A Day”

Canadian man buying beer

The man of the people has spoken.

A little while back, the Canada Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) changed their guidelines for alcohol consumption per week.

Previously, the agency recommended no more than 10 beers per week for women and 15 for men, but changed their stance drastically, now saying that people should be having no more than 2 per week.

This is very strict, even just compared to other nation’s guidelines, with the US recommending 7, Great Britain 10, and Australia 11.

These changes were made in response to the World Health Organization’s warning that no amount of alcohol is safe.

So how are Canadian residents responding to this?

Not well…

A reporter from CHCH, an independent TV station in Ontario asked a local resident for his thoughts on the matter and he replied as only a true Canadian man could…

“Two drinks a week? Well, that’s just not feasible. Not in this country…

Two drinks in a week, what’s that going to do for you? That’s not even going to get you through a day.”

But he didn’t stop there.

You can see the frustration build inside of him as he launched into a passionate rant against these government guidelines:

“A reasonable amount… I mean if you’re at home you should be able to have, like, 4 beer. That’s just 2 more. I mean I’ll have 6, but 4 is a fair number. 

But there shouldn’t even be guidelines anyway, why you gonna tell me how much I should drink at home.”

And when the reporter asks him if he’s worries about any health effects from increased consumption, his blood reached a boil.


The main point here is why are they telling me what I can drink at home. What can I have two liters of pop? Can I have 2 liters of pop? Well, what’s more healthy, 4 beers or 2 liters of Coca-Cola. Do the math.

It’s heartbreaking and I can’t even believe it.”

I mean, it’s pretty hard to argue with that logic… what’s the government recommendation on Coca-Cola? I’d venture to guess there isn’t one…

Tell it like it is, you legend

Then as the he walks away from the interview, he hits the camera with an all-time classic.


Well, that settles that… the Canadian people are having absolutely nothing to do with these so called guidelines.

Speaking of, time for a nice mid-day brewski.

Texas Was Outraged At Not Being Able To Drink & Drive Anymore In The ’80s

“We used to be a country. A proper country.”

I’ve been surfing TikTok here lately, and have seen a ton of these videos surface with a background voice saying:

“You got smooth hands. You ain’t worked a day in yer life. I work 12 hours a day.”

That pretty much sums up every middle-aged and older conversation in my part of the world in South Carolina, as there really isn’t much to talk about besides how the boss man is “workin’ the everlivin’ hell outta me.”

And sure enough, as I was watching those videos, this gem of an interview popped up.

Now, it’s uncertain when this interview was conducted, but I believed it’s from a local news report in Dallas, Texas, back in 1987 when a ban against open containers in vehicles was passed in May of that year.

Considering drunk driving had already been outlawed for years by now at this point, I believe it has to do with some kind of new open container law that was being enforced.

The first guy kills me when he says:

“It’s kinda gettin’ common when a feller can’t put in a hard day’s work, put in 11-12 hours a day, and then get in your truck and at least drink one or two beers.”

Hey, man… I get it. I love to have a couple beers as my desk after a hard day’s work of sitting on my ass and typing blogs like this. You’re preaching to the choir, amigo.

But the best part is the woman who was interviewed next, as she says:

“There makin’ laws where you can’t drink when you want to, you have to wear a seatbelt when you’re driving. Pretty soon we’re gonna be a communist country.”

I mean this is GOLD.

The fact that she says “we’re gonna be a communist country” for not being able to drink and drive, along with wearing a seat belt is absolutely incredible. I mean, it’s not like putting laws on those things will… you know… save lives.

Man, I was born in the late ’90s so much of this is lost on me, but the ’80s must’ve been some wild times.

Check it out:

Guy Pranks His Dad Into Believing There’s A Lawn Mowing Ban On Sundays

Every dad’s worst nightmare…

I mean, is there anything better than waking up on a Sunday morning, pouring a hot cup of coffee, and heading out to the garage to figure out what chores you’re gonna tackle today?

The lawn is an obvious one, and if you start by 10am, you’ll be pulling that baby back into the garage (or barn) just in time to grab a cold one out of the holy garage beer fridge, kick those green grass stained New Balance sneakers off at the door, and plop down on the coach for an afternoon of football.

That’s good clean living.

But what if that lawn mowing was made illegal?

I know, I know… what kind of sick SOB would do such a thing?

Apparently this kid…

Of course, it was just a prank on dear ol’ dad, but he wasn’t having any of it. Take away Sunday lawn mowing? Over my dead body…

“Tell ’em the f*ck off… they can f*ckin’ shove it up their ass. 

So in mid summer you’re not gonna be allowed to mow on Sunday? They can f*ck off, they can fine me.

You’re f*cking kidding me.”

What a legend.

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A beer bottle on a dock