$20,000 Agriculture Drone Gets Absolutely Disintegrated By Garbage Truck Barreling Down The Road

Farmer Drone crash

Whoever was in charge of launching this drone made an absolutely hilarious and costly mistake…

Like artificial intelligence in recent years, the invention of drones seemingly came out of nowhere and then were suddenly everywhere. Remember life before drones? It wasn’t too long ago right?

Now they are utilized for all kinds of different tasks, like remote military operations and colorful “drone shows” at theme parks. They are also used for agricultural surveys and agri-spray, unless they barely make it off the ground like this one in this video.

You might watch this footage and wonder who is to blame for the destruction of this $20,000 agriculture drone. It’s either the garbage truck driver or the drone operator, and I am choosing to strongly side with the person controlling the drone being at fault.

In defense of the garbage truck driver, they are literally just staying in their lane and riding down the road, minding their own business. It’s the drone operator who chose to launch the large device on the active road, and then allow it to drift into oncoming traffic instead of going straight up.

Drones usually need flat surfaces to take off from, but this surely could not have been the only place to launch this thing. If it was, did the operator consider putting up any signs down the road to warn those driving by to be cautious? Even one of those “slow: children at play” signs from Walmart would have sufficed…

Imagine watching $20,000 just disappear that quickly. There’s a chance this drone was owned by a company and this person was just flying it on their behalf. If so, imagine that phone call back to the main office after this:

“Hey boss, listen, the drone take off was really smooth. Really loving this thing, and definitely think it was worth the $20,0000.

The only issue is that it’s now in one million tiny little pieces after getting plowed head-on by a garbage truck. Talk to you when I get back.”

If this were someone’s personal drone, this mistake is probably going to result in a huge loss. I haven’t seen a lot of “drone insurance policy” commercials on television lately.

Take a look at the dumb driver’s drone antics below:

Social media could barely believe the stupidity of the drone operator, sending replies back to the video on X saying:

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A beer bottle on a dock