Radio Contest Winner Sings “Rockstar” With Nickelback And He BROUGHT It


This man came PREPARED.

This video is total gold. Radio stations nationwide have been holding contests to select one lucky Nickelback fan to be pulled on stage, joining the band to sing the iconic rock song.

While many people have taken the stage and killed it, this man takes the cake. The man selected to join Nickelback on stage came ready to rock the house down.

He gets on stage with what looks like a mullet wig, shirtless, and pulls out his best raspy vocal impression.

He completes his look with some pit viper glasses, the ultimate Nickelback concert look.

He nails each and every word in the first verse, and the crowd eats it up. Going into the chorus, he holds the microphone out to the crowd, prompting the audience to sing along with him.

This man’s stage presence is incredible. He marches around interacting with the band, making it appear he has been doing this his whole life.

The comments on the video are golden, as TikTok viewers can’t get enough.

“Telling my kids this guy created rock music.”

“I thought that was Koe Wetzel.”

“Randy from ‘Trailer Park Boys.'”

“He came to PERFORM.”

“Peak performance and life goals.”

THIS is how you share a stage with Nickelback.

@billy.powell10 Dude won a contest on the radio to sing on stage with Nickelback and came prepared! #nickelback #stl ♬ original sound – Billy Powell

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