A Sea Otter Has Been Stealing Surf Boards Right Out Of Surfers’ Hands In California

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This is hilarious.

How could you not laugh having an otter literally rip your surfboard right out of your hand?

Imagine just trying to catch some waves and this happens.. You just never know out there.

Sea otters are a funny and playful creature. They are actually fairly large measuring up to 5 feet long and weighing up to 60 pounds. They are good swimmers and are able to grab right ahold of things with their paws, making them unique and highly proficient hunters.

They are incredibly curious creatures and are known to explore the things they are curious about – including going right up to people.

Along with this, they get curious about human objects and have been known to steal them as they check them out.

This particular sea otter took a liking to surfing in California, and has been aggressively stealing boards and was even caught on tape.

The sea otter is seen ripping the board out of the man’s hands as he tries to hold on. The otter keeps pulling then gains control by getting on and riding it – forcing the surfer to let go.

The post explains how he is now a wanted otter.

“Wildlife officials are hoping to capture an aggressive sea otter who’s been stealing surfboards from surfers off the Northern California coast for weeks. So far, the otter hasn’t hurt anyone”

That is a wild day on the water.

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