On This Date: George Strait’s “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” Was #1 On Country Charts In 1986

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George Strait

It’s pretty remarkable to step back and see just how long George Strait has been pumping out hits to his dedicated and loyal fanbase.

In 2023, he just played back-to-back nights in Nashville as fans packed Nissan Stadium to see the country music legend. In 1986, he was releasing his 6th studio album #7 (confusing, I know), and one of his numerous number one hits.

On this date, 37 years ago, if you were to look at the Billboard Country chart, you would see that “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” was sitting at the number one spot. The song acted as Strait’s first single from the highly successful album #7, and also made it to the top position on the Canadian country charts as well.

“Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” was originally written and recorded by Dean Dillon in 1980, and that version did quite well on its own too, reaching the 25th spot on the country charts.

However, when Strait released his rendition six years later, it quickly surpassed Dillon’s former version. Besides the title of the song being somewhat of a mouthful, fans and critics alike appreciated that Strait was able to take the song and make it his own.

The tune tells the story of a man who breaks up with a woman, then has a harder time with the relationship ending than the woman does. After telling her that he had to move on, the narrator then struggles to accept that it is over and cries over the loss of the relationship.

The lyrics of the chorus sing:

“Because nobody in his right mind would’ve left her
I had to be crazy to say goodbye
Nobody in his right mind could’ve left her
Even my heart was smart enough to stay behind.”

“Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” might not be one of Strait’s most famous songs, but it still did the trick to get the country artist to the number one spot on country charts.

It also has the ability to get stuck in your head on a loop, whether you like it or not.

Take a listen:

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