Zach Bryan & Slade Coulter Singing Turnpike Troubadours’ “7 & 7” Drunk In An Elevator Is A Classic

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Slade Coulter

The vibes of this video are just a chef’s kiss.

Back in 2021, Texas artists Slade Coulter tweeted a video of him and  Zach Bryan sitting on the floor of an elevator, pickin’ a guitar, and singing one of the  Turnpike Troubadours’ most iconic songs, “7 & 7.”

While the video has been around for a bit, it is making a resurgence on TikTok, making it feel like the perfect time to bring this video back into the limelight.

While the acoustics might not have been the best in a hotel elevator… how can you not love a little drunk jam session in one of the most random places?

Halfway through them singing the lyrics, the lights in the elevator go pitch black. This does not stop the boys from missing a lyric or beat. And then suddenly, the lights are back on, and Zach Bryan is standing up.

Clearly, he had the magic touch to make the lights come back on.

The video, because of this incident, is very appropriately captioned:

“I call this one, ‘Two drunk guys singing Turnpike on an elevator til the lights go out.'”

Can you imagine waiting for an elevator and the doors sliding open to this?

While the video is downright funny, I kind of like this Slade Coulter/Zach Bryan duo… might be something to wish for in the studio one of these days.

And speaking of these days, Zach Bryan is arguably the biggest thing in country music, selling out arenas across the country, breaking chart records, and growing one of the most rabid, grassroots fanbases in all of music.

In just a couple years… incredible.

Just for fun… here’s the original:

“7 & 7”

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