Coyote & A Badger Look To Be Best Friends In Wild Trail Cam Footage

Badger and coyote

How has this friendship between a coyote and a badger not already been made into a Disney movie?

Trail cameras set up around different parts of a wooded area have caught an unlikely duo traveling together and keeping one another company. In the video, you’ll probably have to do a double take as you watch a coyote and a badger casually walk around and adventure together as friends.

The differing hunting strategies and strength of both animals actually compliment one another, with the coyote having the speed necessary to chase down prey, whereas the badger does better in the burrowing and digging part of the hunt. Both animals are partially flawed when they hunt alone, but stronger when they work together.

So that’s the most likely reason that these two are traveling around together, though it does seem like there is “friendly” vibe when the coyote playfully jumps up and down at the badger right before they walk through the culvert in the footage.

I’d like to know how this partnership first came to be. Maybe the coyote was trying to kill the badger, and in a last ditch effort to save its life, it reasoned with the coyote and promised they would work together? That seems like its almost straight out of an animated movie, so the thing practically writes itself.

Or maybe the two were hunting the same thing at the same time, and they both got outsmarted by the prey, and made a truce in the moment to help each other out? I think that is a little more likely, though there’s no telling what really led to their unlikely partnership.

The video is sure to bring a smile to your face, and the clip was posted onto social media with caption:

“A coyote and a badger travel together. Coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together.

They can even be more successful hunting prairie dogs and ground squirrels when they work in tandem.”

That’s some great content right there.

Now all we need to see is them successfully pulling off a hunt together, ripping apart its prey and dividing the meal equally.

I guess that doesn’t sound much like a Disney movie anymore…

Regardless, X users were absolutely loving the video, leaving replies underneath the post saying:


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