Florida Man Shocked To See 6-Foot Alligator Squeezing Through His Backyard Fence

Florida gator
Fox 35

Only in Florida would you have to worry about a possible intruder being a 6 foot alligator attempting to squeeze its way through your backyard fence.

Bill Geiger, a resident of Cocoa Beach, Florida, was walking around outside of his home when he heard some noises coming from the back of his property. He went to check out what was going on, and was surprised to see a rather large gator trying to make it way through a very small opening in his white fence.

Turns out that the female alligator had made a nest in Geiger’s backyard, and as he had come up to check on the noise, the Florida man was getting dangerously close to it. The mother gator was intimidated and became defensive, and started to really works its way through the fence to protect her nest.

Geiger explained the situation to Fox 35, saying:

“It literally missil-ed through it, it was incredible. It caught me by surprise. I was shocked…I wasn’t really afraid of it; I was just wary of it.”

Typical tough guy from Florida, treating an alligator in his backyard like midwesterners treat raccoons…

Geiger took the video of his encounter with the aggressive gator, which for a moment appeared to be stuck in the fence before it started to showcase its power and strength (and angry mother powers) to expand the opening in the fence to climb through.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission estimates that each alligator nest contains between 30 and 45 eggs, and though the Florida man didn’t necessarily mind that the nest was built in his backyard, he definitely didn’t want to meet 30 to 40 new baby gators. Geiger also had to cease utilizing his backyard and its pool for the safety of his family, and continued in the interview stating:

“I called FWC to find out what to do. They told me, ‘You’ve got to contact the city, you’ve got to do this, there’s a lot of red tape.’ Eventually, probably in a couple of days, they’re going to come out, I hope, (to) remove the eggs and relocate the gator.”

Geiger is clearly handling everything as well as he can, and he certainly isn’t “afraid of no gator,” which helps him out through this situation. There wasn’t much he could do to stop this gator from building a nest and making his backyard home, and the Florida man did the right thing by letting it have its space for the time being.

The news station interviewed a “Gator Expert” from Gatorland for the story, and he added this:

“Please do not mess with mama alligators, don’t feed any alligators, don’t try to do anything with alligators in the state of Florida. For one, it’s against the law, and secondly, it can be potentially very, very dangerous.”

I’m not a Gator Expert and I probably could have told you that…

Anyways, take a look at the crazy video below:

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