Mountain Lion Defends Her Cubs From An Attacking Black Bear

Black bear vs cougar
Nature Is Brutal


Nature doesn’t get any more crazy than this here. These things are rarely ever even seen by people, let alone caught on video.

Mountain lions are some of the deadliest animals out there. They have a reputation for being killers that go unnoticed, and they have it for a reason.

These ferocious felines can weigh up to 175 pounds on average. The can run up to 50 miles an hour and leap 20 feet in a single bound. They use these skills to surprise predators before using their razor-sharp claws and teeth to end it.

Lions can have up to 6 cubs (sometimes called kittens) at a time. They rely on their mothers to raise them until they are ready to take on territory of their own.

They have no predators, except for anything crazy enough to try and take out a cub.

And a bear is the only thing crazy enough to try. Black bears can weigh as much as 600 pounds and love to eat because of it. They will eat grass, garbage, berries and hunt anything the think they can take out.

But to go after a cougar just seems like way to much of a fight. This black bear decided to give it a try though.

The bear is seen creeping down the hill and taking a swat at a cub.

The mother cougar takes notice as comes in guns-a-blazin’.

Being a mother first, she makes sure the cub is okay then turns attention to the bear. The mountain lion goes face-to-face with him, and they exchange hits.

The black bear tries to get up a tree but the lion is hot on his tail, the bear falls and the cat pounces on him. The pair continues to have an insane fight.

Those are two bad animals.

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