Jon Wolfe & Jamey Johnson Team Up For Reimagined Version Of “When The Good Ol’ Boys Age Out”

Jon Wolfe country music
YouTube/Jon Wolfe

Earlier this week, we were hit with the awesome news that Jon Wolfe was teaming up with Jamey Johnson for a reimagined version of Wolfe’s 2021 single, titled “When the Good Ol’ Boys Age Out.”

Now if you aren’t too familiar with Wolfe, the guy knows how to perfectly intertwine that ’90s country sound that we all know and love and keep it fresh along with the modern day sound. Not to mention, his vocals are about as country as they get.

And of course, we all know Jamey Johnson as one of the greatest country singer/songwriters in the 21st century.

And the day has finally come, as “When the Good Ol Boys Age Out” is officially out today.

The song is all about how the hard working an honest living lifestyle has slowly started to dwindle over the years.

So, Wolfe and Johnson sing with a chip on their shoulder in this song, and make sure that the blue collar boys out there are still heard.

The chorus speaks for itself:

“Here’s to the hand that swings the hammer
Pours the concrete, bends the steel
To the hand that steers the wheel out on the tractor
To the soldiers in the field
Oh, everything they do ain’t worth nothing
If we don’t pass it on
And I’m afraid when all the good old boys age out
The good old days are gone”

Not to mention, Wolfe and Johnson’s vocals go perfectly together in this song.

Check it out:

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