O.J. Simpson Gives His Thoughts (For Some Reason) On Aaron Rodgers Restructuring His New York Jets Contract

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Leave it to “The Juice” to break down anything and everything in the sports world with a close-up selfie video from whatever golf course he is always playing at….

O.J. Simpson, former NFL great, Hollywood actor, and potential double murderer (the glove didn’t fit), has garnered quite the following on Twitter. He currently boasts almost 880,000 followers on the site, and often sends out his thoughts about noteworthy news with short, self-shot videos on his account.

He always starts out his videos with “Hey Twitter world, it’s Yours truly,” and if you were to ask him, I think he would say that this is his “podcast.” O.J. is getting up there in age, but he’s still tech savvy enough to send out these types of videos when he deems them necessary.

This particular one gives some commentary on the recent Aaron Rodgers contract restructuring with the New York Jets. The new “Gang Green” team member took a cut in pay so that the Jets could bring in more talent to make a hopeful Super Bowl run for the aging superstar quarterback.

Plenty of sports commentators have commended Aaron Rodgers for doing so, but O.J. really took a deep dive on the subject and spoke on his appreciation for the former Green Bay Packer, saying:

“Hey Twitter…wait, nope not Twitter. Hey X World, it’s me, yours truly. Let me tell you something. I couldn’t be more of a fan of Aaron Rodgers. I never thought I could be more of a fan because I became a fan of his when he was in college playing against USC when he was playing for Cal.”

O.J. then gives a lengthy breakdown of the USC-Cal game from 2004, and talked about how ever since that game, he looked forward to Rodgers going to the San Francisco 49ers, which Simpson describes as his “favorite team since he was 8 years old.”

O.J. then went on to say that San Francisco taking Alex Smith over Rodgers was the biggest mistake in the history of the NFL, and said “with all due respect to Smith,” though there wasn’t much respect present when Simpson said that.

“The Juice” then gets back on track, saying:

“What he did yesterday, taking $30 to $35 million less so the team could have more money to spend on other players…that’s Tom Brady-ish. I know he’s got a lot of money anyway, but still, that is saying something.

I guess he wants to be like Peyton Manning and change teams at the end of his career and win a Super Bowl. Tom Brady changed teams at the end of his career, won a Super Bowl. Matthew Stafford changed teams at the end of his career and won a Super Bowl.

I’m assuming that’s what he’s doing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it, because he’s got some terrific, young talent (around him).”

O.J. was really showcasing his sports knowledge off the cuff at this point (especially during the “old quarterback wins Super Bowl” bit), and then decided to change topics to the NFL running back pay controversy taking place right now.

Simpson says that he “can’t go off the air” without discussing it, further supporting my theory that he thinks these videos are the “O.J. Simpson Podcast.”

O.J. states:

“I hope you realize that since 2017, with guys being franchise tagged, the only position that has gone down in money, not even talking about inflation, just down in sheer money, is the running back position.

Something has to be done to make it a little bit more equitable, and my suggestion once again is don’t apply the franchise tag to running backs.”

Props to O.J., he can run through a couple of sports topics like he’s in a Hertz rental car commercial…

Clearly he’s doing this all on his own, because after he “signs off,” the last portion of the video where he looks down at the bottom of the phone and somewhat confusingly stops recording is left uncut from the video. Video production is through the roof with O.J. Simpson sharing his pure, unadulterated thoughts.

Take a look:

And I was going to add in some replies from “X users” that are underneath the video Simpson posted, but most of them are about that thing that he either “did or didn’t do” back in 1994…

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