Twitter Reacts To Congressional Hearing Confirming That Aliens & UFOs Exist

Congressional hearing

This morning, a congressional hearing featuring a former military intelligence officer that is now known as a whistle-blower on the matter told lawmakers (while he was under oath) that UFOs and UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomenas) exist and Congress, as well as American citizens, are being kept in the dark about it.

You would think that information would be monumental, changing the  course of history and marking today as one of those historical “where were you moments.” Sure, that seems to be happening in some aspects, but with how crazy life has seemed to be in the past decade, it is just another Wednesday on social media.

It’s been all over Twitter (or “X”, or whatever the hell Elon Musk changes it to next) this morning, but just in case you haven’t seen the video of David Grusch, a 14 year intelligence officer, confirming that alien life exists and has been recovered from UFO wrecks, here it is:

There you have it. If this guy, who was an IO in the Air Force and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, is telling the truth, the question of “do you believe in aliens” can be thrown out the window. They’re real, and they’re here.

This other portion of the hearing where Grusch was speaking on UFOs was pretty interesting as well. He described the crafts as:

“These objects were staying completely stationary in Category 4 hurricane winds. These same objects would then accelerate to supersonic speeds.”

So we now have some of the most convincing testimony of alien life that the government has ever provided, yet like the human population has been known to do in times like this, people can’t stop making “memes” about the whole thing.

I guess that’s how we digest and process things now, by “meme-ing” them until the next thing comes along that we can make jokes about. And let me clear the air by saying I am not complaining about this one bit, because the memes have been great, and they have been plentiful.

Check out some of Twitter’s reaction to the news of aliens and UFOs being real:

Yeah, people don’t care, we’re still trying to fit the “Barbenheimer” double-feature into our schedule somehow…

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