Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” Music Video Subtly Altered To Remove Footage From Riots In Georgia

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Jason Aldean

Some last minute edits?

The controversial music video for “Try That In A Small Town” appears to have had some minor changes made to it.

After racking up a whopping 19M views on YouTube, it seems as though Jason Aldean’s latest music video has been edited to take out the BLM movement footage from Aldean’s home state of Georgia.

The Washington Post reported:

“The video is now six seconds shorter than when it was uploaded to YouTube on July 14.

And it no longer contains a news clip from Fox 5 Atlanta depicting violent confrontations during Black Lives Matter demonstrations in 2020 and subsequent protests in January.”

Aldean has released a statement denying that video has anything to do with race, citing that the clips shown in the video are taken from real news footage.

And that might be the problem…

I can’t see Aldean’s team editing the music video in response to the political backlash, so was the news footage of rioting and looting in Georgia removed by Fox 5 Atlanta? That could very well be the case.

According to TMZ, who has provided a side by side comparison, Fox 5 has not said whether or not they requested the footage to be removed:

While that was the significant change made to the video, it also appears that the scene with a man in the chair talking about small-town viewpoints in a wheelchair during the final 30 seconds has also been removed.

While the video and song still draw mixed reviews, the buzz around the video is skyrocketing the single to success.

Billboard reported that it was the bestselling country song to debut on its charts in over a decade. During the week of the video’s release, the song was played by an audience of 7.3 million, sold 228,000 units, and was streamed over 11m times.

Although minor changes have been made to the video, the untrained eye would not notice the edits.

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