Sierra Ferrell Chimes In On Jason Aldean “Try That In A Small Town” Controversy: “He’s Literally Making So Much Money Off Hate”

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Alyssa Gafkjen

Sierra Ferrell has shared her thoughts on the Jason Aldean drama.

The country singer out of West Virginia took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on the “Try That In A Small Town” music video and the rise in monetary value it has brought Aldean, with the single skyrocketing to number one on the charts.

The rant started with Ferrell sharing a post from the Nashville Scene:

Ferrell writes over the post:

“No big deal…right?

This has got to stop. We have to stop letting this racist shi*t happening.” 

She then commented on a fan that DM’ed her from her first story post discussing the undertones of the music video.

“Just call the spade and spade, kick him out, and move on, CMT.” 

Directly calling out CMT and the CMT corporate office in Nashville.

Given how polarizing the thoughts from this single and video have been, I understand to an extent that CMT does have to play Switzerland. However, it is still surprising that one of the biggest country music networks has yet to comment on why they removed the video.

Ferrell keeps going, noting that Aldean might have chosen to release such a controversial video knowing that some time in the hot seat would lead to extreme monetary gain.

“He’s literally making so much money off of hate.

Stop trading hate for money. My music will NEVER ever be about this.

It’s a double edge sword. 

I think talking about this is important. 

These folks need to know we see them. Of course, it’s drawing attention, and it’s sad to know he is gaining popularity.”

It is a fascinating point that she brings up, the rise of social media culture calling people out, which leads to more people indulging in the topic being discussed, leading to higher view counts, which translates into dollars being made.

The song debuted at #2 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 this week, and streams have increased by an incredible 999% since the controversy. So regardless of which side you’re on, it’s undeniable that the uproar has resulted in a huge boost for the song.

And the conversation around the video has been going strong for the past week and shows no indication of slowing down.

While the messaging continues to polarize artists in the industry, it creates a divide that extends well beyond country music.

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