Hammerhead Shark Chases Down & Attacks Smaller Great White Shark In VERY Shallow Water

Shark in shallow water
Wade Papenfus - Offshore Tales

I’m not sure where this video takes place, but I need to find out soon so I can make sure that I never travel to the beach where this happened.

Imagine standing on the shore of your favorite vacation spot. Maybe you just got out of the car after a long roadtrip to get there, and before you unpack your things, you want to get out on the beach to feel the sand under your feet.

You walk onto the beach and decide that you might as well walk the rest of the way to the ocean so you can feel the temperature of the water. That’s why you made the trip in the first part, right?

Now, in this imagined beach vacation, things have been great so far. Really nothing to complain about. You made it to your spot, and you are taking in all the beach has to offer.

So continuing along with the imagery, try to pretend that as you are standing ankle deep in the water as the waves continue to crash in one after the other, you see the water rustling in the distance.

You aren’t sure what it is at first, and you maybe even brush it off thinking it’s a fish, or just a weird current as the tide continues to roll out. Then, the commotion underneath the water appears to be getting closer and closer, and you finally can make out a fin sticking out of the water.

I’ll stop right there with the “visual exercise,” because now you can just get ready to watch this video below. It picks up right where we left off in the imaginary story.

This beachgoer is standing in the shallow, crystal clear water when a Hammerhead shark comes racing by following a smaller, younger Great White. If the Great White was a little older, this could be a pretty fair fight, and one that I would definitely pay money to watch.

However, instead of turning around and bringing the fight to the Hammerhead, the Great White is swimming its tail off to try and get away. As the video progresses, the bigger shark definitely looks to be closing in, but the smaller shark isn’t going down without a fight.

The juvenile great white hangs a left and quickly takes the chase out into deeper waters after swimming right in front of the person taking the video. We don’t know for sure how the chase finished up, but if I had to guess, the Hammerhead most likely got the Great White eventually.

Take a look at the shocking video below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock