Electrofishing Asian Carp In Kentucky Shows How Big Of A Problem They Are

Kentucky asian carp
Kentucky Afield

That is insane…

There are so many fish there. So many…

But this just goes to show why they are considered to be invasive.

Asian carp are a large fish that can grow up over 4 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. These fish are originally from Asia as there name states. They were considered to be a solution around the world for ponds with too much vegetation.

Due to their large size and ability to reproduce, they are very effective at controlling vegetation in waterbodies. There’s one problem, they can be invasive meaning they can outcompete native species and disrupt the ecosystem.

Carp were introduced in Kentucky for just that reason to control weeds and vegetation in ponds. But then everything flooded, and the carp were able to get out of the ponds and into major waterbodies where they quickly spread and thrived.

That all sounds fine until it’s put into perspective.

This video shows some folks electrofishing near a dam.

They shock the water, and it comes to life. What seems to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of carp come to the surface in a flash.

The fishermen are seen scooping up as many as they can. This is considered to be a normal occurrence in this area.

That is a ton of fish, no wonder they can mess up the natural ecosystem.

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