Denny Hamlin Met With Boos After Winning At Pocono For Sending Kyle Larson Into The Wall

Denny Hamline NASCAR

Denny Hamlin is officially the best driver to race at Pocono, as he wracked up his seventh win at the track to break the record for most wins there.

The win was also the 50th of the driver’s career.

However, Hamlin is notoriously one of the most polarizing drivers in all of NASCAR with his aggressive driving style, and that proved yet again this past weekend at Pocono.

With only a few laps to go, Hamlin and Kyle Larson were neck and neck.

In turn one, Hamlin seemed to carry Larson up the track, enough to send Larson into the wall.

Larson then retaliated by pushing Hamlin into the wall during caution.

Hamlin’s move ultimately resulted in Larson being pushed all the way back to 20th place, when he was in contention at one point of the race with only a few laps to go.

So, once Hamlin crossed the finish line in first place, he was met with a ton of boos from the fans for his move against Larson.

According to Fox News, Hamlin discussed the boos after the race:

“I love it. They can boo my rock out of here in a few years.”

He also said he wouldn’t be apologizing to Larson, because he never touched him:

“I’m not here to defend anything. How can you wreck someone you didn’t touch?”

Regardless of Hamlin’s opinion, Larson was not happy:

“I’ve never had to apologize to him about anything, anything I’ve done on the racetrack. I can count four or five times where he’s had to reach out to me.

‘Oh, man, I’m sorry I put you in a bad spot there.’ Eventually, like he says, you have to start racing people a certain way to get the respect back.”

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