British Open Champion Brian Harman To Celebrate His Win By Mowing His Hunting Spot All Day On His New Tractor: “I Haven’t Told My Wife How Much I Spent”

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Golf’s final major of the year, the British Open, ended yesterday after PGA Tour player Brain Harman ran away from the competition and won by an impressive six strokes.

Many people were rooting against Harman since he held the lead since early on Friday and was making the tournament seem “not as competitive” from a viewer’s perspective. He was also “waggling” his club a lot during his pre-shot routine, even prompting the broadcast to put up a “Waggle Count” graphic on the screen:

Despite the many people hating on his “waggles” and saying that he didn’t have what it takes to close out the tournament, Harman eventually proved everyone wrong and won the Open by a mile.

He even said in a press conference after the tournament that something that a fan said to him during Saturday’s play helped him refocus and ultimately play even stronger:

“I made the second bogey yesterday, the guy when I was passing him, he said ‘Harman, you don’t have the stones for this.’ That helped.

It just helped snap me back. I’m good enough to do this, I’m going to do this. I’m going to go through my process and the next shot is going to be good.”

Pretty badass if you ask me…

And another thing that might get people to come around on Brian Harman is how he chose to celebrate his major championship win. We’ll get to his “manly plan” once he gets back home in just a second, but I first have to point out where he chose to go and what he did with the tournament’s historic Claret Jug trophy shortly after closing out the tournament.

Harman went to Hickory’s Smokehouse in West Kirby, United Kingdom, which describes itself as “an American BBQ place with beer from the United States.” Where else would a former Georgia Bulldog go to celebrate when he wins across the pond?

And it looks like Harman broke into that American beer selection, pouring some into the historic Claret Jug and throwing it back right in the restaurant:

But the best way that Harman plans to celebrate his major championship is something that all Dads strive for: a full, undisturbed day of mowing grass on a big tractor. The PGA player went into detail about the purchase of the new equipment and how he plans to utilize it sooner rather than later:

“I had a nice week a couple of weeks ago and I bought a new tractor for my hunting place. So I’ll get home, I’ll be on the tractor mowing grass into next week. I’m very excited about that.”

An English reporter was bumfuzzled by Harman’s excitement for grass mowing, and asked:

“So that’s going to be your reward, you’re going to ride your tractor?”

Harman laughed and responded with:

“Yeah, I might take a whole day and just put my phone away and go get on a tractor.”

The man in the crowd was still perplexed, and voiced his confusion by saying:

“I’m a little bit lost because I’ve never known an Open Champion celebrate by mowing grass on a tractor.”

Harman once again got a kick out of the question, then accidentally (or purposefully) quoted Shrek and described the new tractor, and the fact that he hadn’t told his wife how much it cost:

“I got a lot of layers man, I’m like an onion. It’s a 105 horse power Kubota tractor, and it’s going to be a pretty one. I haven’t told my wife how much I spent on it.”

He’s one of us…

Check out the hilarious post-championship interview below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock