Ungrateful Moose Immediately Attacks Man Who Freed It From Fence

James Boseley

Can’t win for losing.

It’s always good to see someone helping wildlife that is in need.

Often times when wild comes in around human areas they can get themselves into some interesting predicaments. These animals aren’t use to the surroundings and can get caught up by some of the infrastructure and belongings we have.

Moose are always a wild one. They are massive, with many mature bulls weighing well north of 1000 pounds and cows averaging around 800 pounds when fully grown.

Believe it or not they are one of the most dangerous animals in the woods. Their large size makes them more likely to take you down when they attack with powerful kicks. And with their poor eyesight, moose often get confused by people and may feel threatened which can cause them to attack.

Catching a right hand from a moose is not something anyone wants to experience.

This man is seen trying to help out a young moose stuck in a fence. The man pulls and prods trying to get the moose loose, while also trying to not to get himself hurt.

After a bit he does and the moose stands up, immediately putting its ears back. The moose thinks the man did it and is angry with him. It quickly charges towards the guy who backs up trying to avoid a kick from him.

The moose nearly clips him but he gets away fine as the moose continues to press forward angry at him.

Can’t even help a moose out.

You know what they say about good deeds…

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