Miranda Lambert Takes A Shot With Fan Wearing “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies” T-Shirt

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That’s a message Miranda can get behind.

There’s been quite a bit of controversy over the past week or so after Miranda Lambert stopped her show in Vegas to call out a group of fans for taking pictures instead of paying attention to the concert during a performance of “Tin Man.”

@justingregg8 Amazing show. 10/10 recommend. This had ☠️ lmaooooo #countrymusic #MirandaLambert ♬ original sound – Justin Gregg

The debate has divided the internet, with many saying that the fans should be able to take pictures of their experience while others criticized the group for being disruptive to others around him.

Even the hosts of The View got into a heated debate over the viral moment, with Whoopi Goldberg walking off the set after defending Miranda Lambert.

Wild times we’re living in, man.

One of the women in the group was an alleged “influencer” (I guess we’re using that term pretty loosely these days) named Adela, who shared the now-infamous picture on Instagram and explained in the comments that two of her friends walked out after being singled out by the country star for taking the photos.

She also questioned why her group was singled out when others at the show were taking pictures and selfies too. (If I had to guess it’s probably because it wasn’t just a selfie but a whole damn photo shoot with six of you standing right up front during one of the most powerful moments of the show, but what do I know).

Well Miranda was back on stage this weekend after the controversial moment, and had a lighthearted moment with a fan who had the perfect shirt for the occasion.

During the show at her Velvet Rodeo residency in Vegas, the singer spotted a fan in the front wearing a shirt that said “Shoot tequila, not selfies.”

And, well, if we know anything about Miranda it’s that she loves tequila, and obviously hates selfies. So of course she loved the message on the shirt.

“Her shirt says ‘Shoot tequila, not selfies. That’s badass.”

The fan also happened to have a shot of tequila ready to go. And the singer happily obliged, cracking open the mini bottle and taking a shot with the fan who clearly has her priorities in line with Miranda’s.

That’s a fan who knows how to capitalize on a viral moment in the best possible way: By getting to take a shot with Miranda Lambert.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock