George Strait Performs “You Don’t Know What You’re Missing” With Co-Writer Chris Stapleton

George Strait and Chris Stapleton country music

It is not every day that you get to hear Chris Stapleton sing a few songs with The King. And it’s even less often that you hear George Strait and Chris Stapleton sing a song they were co-writers on.

George Strait is teaming up with Chris Stapleton for a handful of arena shows in the United States this year, and the combo of these two is what I dream about at night. While Stapleton and Strait are sensational on their own, they are even better together. During one of their last arena shows in Arizona, Strait brought out Stapleton to do a few tunes during his set.

When Strait brought the Kentucky native to the stage, he took a second to note that he and Stapleton go way back.

“I’ve been knowing Chris for a while now. Back in the early days, when Chris was sneaking around Nashville like a ninja writing hit songs…I knew he was a great songwriter.

And all of a sudden, he found ‘Tennessee Whiskey,’ and man, that song had been around a while, but he put the Stapleton stamp on it. Now, Chris, it’s your song forever, man.” 

For those who do not know, Strait was initially asked to record the hit single but passed on it, leading it to be Stapleton’s breakout single. While Strait might have passed on that one, many of his songs also have the “Stapleton stamp” on them as he is a co-writer on several of The King’s hits.

“Chris wrote some songs for me back in the day, too. And we are going to do a couple of them together for you now. This one is called ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Missing.'”

With that, they strike into the opening chords of the 2013 single off Strait’s Love Is Everything album. Hearing Stapleton sing a Texas twanger is such a refreshing change of pace for the traditionally soulful singer.

“The first guy kept talking for what seemed like forever
Said, I never have money or time
Like I used to
He went on and on till the second guy finally sat down his whiskey
Looked him straight in the eye and said
Lucky You…”

I could get used to more from these two.

If you like the sound of this duet, buckle up because while in Indianapolis, Strait debuted a new song that features Stapleton. After confirming a new album coming later this year, he and Stapleton gave the audience a sneak peek of their duet “Honky Tonk Hall Of Fame.” 

The single might as well be about these two’s careers because they are sure to go down in the Honky Tonk Hall Of Fame.

“Everybody’s going to know my name
And I’ll hang my straw behind the wall
At the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame.” 

Fire this one up too while you’re here.

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