Koe Wetzel To Release “Sweet Dreams” This Friday

Koe Wetzel country music
Jody Domingue/Courtesy of Columbia Records

Ask and you shall receive.

Koe Wetzel is gearing up to release his sixth studio album 9 Lives, which includes two songs we’ve already heard in the lead single “Damn Near Normal,” as well as the title track.

But this Friday, Koe’s putting out another tune from the 12-song tracklist called “Sweet Dreams,” which has started to gain some traction on TikTok as fans have listened through all the teasers that have been shared on social media.

The lyrics in the chorus find Koe lamenting a former flame and taking responsibility for the fact that he can’t seem to keep a good thing for too long, and the memory of this girl seems to haunt him even in his sleep making hard to have “sweet dreams” anymore:

“Was I the only one you couldn’t save?
I hate to be the reason that you’re crying
The way you always knew when I was lying
And breaking your heart was getting tiring
I knew I had to let you go

It’s hard to have Sweet Dreams when I’m such a nightmare
I don’t wanna talk about it rather not go there
When I find a good thing I burn it down slow
Only see your face now when my eyes are closed
It’s so hard to have sweet dreams
Sweet dreams
It’s so hard to have sweet dreams”

Of course, we’ve only heard a small part of it with the 30 second clip, but the production already sounds a bit different than what we’re used to from him and has a little R&B flair to it that’s really intriguing to me, so I’m excited we won’t have to wait much longer to hear it:

“Ask and you shall receive. ‘Sweet Dreams’ this Friday 5/17.”

9 Lives is due out everywhere on on July 19th.

And if you haven’t heard it yet, here’s a little bit of the preview for “Sweet Dreams”:

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