Two-Time Bassmaster Champion Jordan Lee Catches A Fish While He’s Taking A Leak… & It Was All Caught On TV

Jordan Lee

The show must go on…

It’s the age old question… how do entertainers, NASCAR drivers, pro bass anglers, insert whatever performance-based profession you’re wondering about… go to the bathroom? Well, depending on who you talk to, a lot of them just piss their pants.

We’ve talked to NASCAR Cup Series champ Ryan Blaney on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast and he explained that most drivers are sweating and losing a lot of fluid, so you rarely have to go when you’re in the middle of a race, but if you do, you just go in your fire suit. The Queen of Pop Country, the great Shania Twain, once confessed that she peed her pants on stage a number of times. It’s just a part of the game when you’re on the big stage or in the heat of competition.

However in the world of pro bass fishing, one would think you could just pee off the side of the boat, right? We’ve all peed in the lake, right? Well, unless the camera is on you…

The 2024 Minn Kota Bassmaster Elite Series is on Columbia, South Carolina’s Lake Murray this weekend (the top 10 will battle it out for the championship today), and while two-time Bassmaster Champion Jordan Lee, won’t be fishing for the championship today, he will win the most viral moment of the tournament.

Fishing on Day 3, Jordan was trying to make the championship cut when he jumped up to the edge of his front deck, dropped his fly and tried to relieve himself without anybody noticing. Only problem was that the camera man filming him didn’t even notice that he was broadcasting Jordan mid-piss. And then to make matters worse, he hooked into a bass.

So the producers didn’t want to pan away, but once the camera realized he had a stream flowing between the legs, it just kind of awkwardly panned out over the water… it was absolutely hilarious.

The Alabama native ultimately finished 30th, but like I said, when it came to viral moments, he’s the clear winner. There’s also about a million “worm” jokes I could make right now, but it just seems too easy… I’ll spare you.

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