Red Clay Strays Announce New Single “Wanna Be Loved” Coming Later This Month

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The Red Clay Strays have been teasing new music for quite some time, and now we finally have a new single announcement. After inking their name with the major label, RCA Records, earlier this year, the Mobile, Alabama boys are ready to roll out some new tunes.

Today, the group announced their first single since the release of their 2022 album, Moment of Truth.Wanna Be Loved” is slated for a May 22nd release date, and they hope that fans “wanna love” this new single.

“The wait is nearly over folks! We’ll be dropping the first single of the new album Wednesday, May 22. ‘Wanna Be Loved’ will debut across all platforms along with its very own music video.

It’s been a long time coming, and we wanna say we appreciate y’all’s patience and support while we’ve been working up this new music.”

In September, the Red Clay Strays disclosed they were working on a new album with the legendary producer Dave Cobb. Since no date announcement was associated with the news that they were in the studio, fans have been itching to know when new tracks were set to hit streaming platforms. The highly anticipated wait is over in less than two weeks.

It is also exciting that they note this as the first single of their forthcoming album and will preview what is in store.

“Well ladies and gents, the cats out of the bag. We’ve been in the studio working on the next album! While we’ve been telling people at shows lately we just got out of the studio, we’ve kept a pretty good secret: Dave Cobb is producing it.

Dave is a multi Grammy-winning producer who’s made albums for practically all of our music heroes. Getting to work with him has always been a dream of ours. You all have been telling us to drop these new tunes, and it’s still gonna be a little while. Making and promoting a record takes time, and we really appreciate y’all’s patience.

So, if you want to hear these new tunes, you’ll have to catch them live, and ain’t that the best place to be anyway?”

The last sentence of their album announcement sums it up perfectly because if you are a concert addict like us and have caught the Red Clay Strays in action, then the odds are you have heard “Wanna Be Loved” already. With a few videos of the live version posted on YouTube, fans can listen to what is in store.

I have patiently waited for this track to grace streaming platforms, so I can’t wait to hear the studio cut.

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