PGA Player Viktor Hovland Pooped On By Seagull At British Open: “I Just Got Sh*t On”

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The oldest golf tournament in the world is taking place right now at the Royal Liverpool Golf Course in Merseyside, England, and though there are some exciting highlights so far, none is better than this “birdie” taking a dump on one of the players.

Being pooped on by a bird is commonly determined to be “good luck,” but I think that’s just something that someone made up to make the person with bird crap on their shirt feel better. Regardless of what it means, it happened earlier today at the British Open (also referred to as The Open), which teed off earlier today in England.

The Open is the last of golf’s four majors each year, and can be viewed as either one of the best or one of the worst, depending on who you ask. Due to it always being played across the pond, the tournament is generally played at a “links style” course, and the time difference causes it to air early in the morning back in the United States.

Some people (like myself) love to get up early and have meaningful, major-championship-level golf already on the television. Others dislike that the coverage of the tournament airs so early in the morning, and feel as though it takes away from the popularity of the event.

However, when something as funny as this happens, it doesn’t matter what time of the morning it was shown on television. Clips like these are always going to have a long shelf life, and social media is certainly getting a laugh from the talented young golfer Viktor Hovland getting pooped on by a seagull just as he was about to hit a shot.

Just as Viktor was about to start his backswing, he felt something from the heavens hit his right sleeve, and as he stepped away from his ball, he told his caddie:

“What was that? I just got shat on, haha.”

The TV commentators started laughing, then because Hovland “cursing” got picked up by one of the hot mics, they had to say sorry to the audience and clear up the situation:

“Okay folks, we apologize for that. A bird just dropped something on Viktor Hovland.”

I’m still confused as to why the word s**t can’t be said on TV. We’ve all heard it before, so let’s stop tip-toeing around profanity and just let it fly, especially if we just heard it on the broadcast anyways.

Take a look:

Golf fans were torn between saying that the bird pooping on Hovland is good luck and making jokes about the whole thing, leaving replies below the video saying:

He did handle it pretty well…

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