Jake Owen Calls Out Jason Isbell For Daring Jason Aldean To Write His Own Songs: “You’re Always The First To Get Behind Your Keyboard… Tough Guy”

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Drama on drama on drama.

While many artists have kept their thoughts to themselves on the Jason Aldean “Try That In A Small Town” controversy, some are now sharing their thoughts as the conversation gets more and more contentious.

Sheryl Crow led the pack with the first statement, calling the song “lame,” while the likes of Travis Tritt and others took to defending the message of the song.

Crow tweeted:

“I’m from a small town. Even people in small towns are sick of violence.There’s nothing small-town or American about promoting violence. You should know that better than anyone having survived a mass shooting.

This is not American or small town-like. It’s just lame”

Now, Jason Isbell, who is no stranger to voicing is political opinions, is chiming in to the conversation by Tweeting:

“Dare Aldean to write his next single himself. That’s what we try in my small town.”

The “Speed Trap Town” singer from Green Hill, Alabama, indeed did grow up in a small town.

But Isbell’s dig was not directed at the song’s message but rather the fact that mainstream country artists tend to collaborate with a handful of songwriters per song.

And there is truth to Isbell’s snide comment as “Try That In A Small Town” has four writers listed: Kurt Allison, Kelley Lovelace, Neil Thrasher, and Tully Kennedy. Of course, there are plenty of mainstream artists who write most of their own stuff and a number of indie artists use their favorite songwriting partners as well, but Jason Aldean has never been known as much of a songwriter.

Neither has George Strait or Keith Whitley for the most part, as well as a number of other legendary artists, but the “do you write your own songs” dig has become quite the go-to for people looking to bash mainstream country artists in recent years.

While many people were praising Isbell under his Tweet for not only being the sole writer of his works and capturing the essence of small-town living through his experiences and lyrics… some didn’t take too kindly to the public shot at Jason Aldean

One of which was Jake Owen.

Owen throws it right back at Isbell, calling him out for always being the first one to tweet about something:

“Jason, you’re always the first to get behind your keyboard and spout off with this stupid shit.

In “my small town,” you just walk up to the guy and be a man to his face if you want the smoke… not tweet it at him…. Tough guy.”

A number of folks were quick to point out the irony in Owen tweeting this statement back at Isbell…

To which Jake responded that he has talked to Isbell directly in the past:

“Oh, I have. I hit him up directly on his phone last time he said some silly nonsense like this. He knows.”

Of course, Jason Isbell has garnered quite the reputation for being outspoken about his Left-leaning political beliefs, and more than willing to call out other artists for whatever he deems to be offensive behavior.

However, it’s pretty rare that someone calls him out.

Isbell later replied to Jake that he tried to tag Aldean in the tweet, but couldn’t find the right account:

Looks like he found it:

He followed up challenging Aldean to write a song again, this time questioning why he would defend a song he didn’t write:

“Seriously, how do you defend the content of a song you weren’t even in the room for? You just got it from your producer.

If you’d been there when it was written, you’d be listed as a writer. We all know how this works.”

The pot is definitely being stirred in more ways than one through this controversy, and to be frank, I did not see comments taking a turn like this… with other artists going back and forth at each other.

But regardless, the controversy has sent Jason Aldean to the top of the iTunes charts with the #1 country songs, the #1 album, and 5 albums in the Top 10 right now. And something tells me he doesn’t mind one bit.

“Try That In A Small Town”

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