Eric Church Performs Soulful New Version Of “Smoke A Little Smoke” At CMA Fest

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CMA Fest

Man, there are just some songs that’ll take you back in time.

And for me, that’s the whole entirety of Eric Church’s albums from 2006 to 2011. I’m talking about his OG Sinners Like Me album, Carolina, and Chief album.

Personally, I think those three projects consist of Church’s best work to date, consisting of songs like “These Boots,” “Two Pink Lines,” “Hell On The Heart,” “Drink In My Hand,” “Springsteen,” and so many more.

Of course, Chief was the record that really solidified Eric as a next level superstar in the genre.

With that being said, there’s always one song in particular that sends me straight back to the good ol’ days, and that’s “Smoke A Little Smoke.”

That song always seemed to be me and my buddies’ go to once the clock struck midnight back in high school on a Friday night, and the beers started rolling out.

So, needless to say I would’ve done some bad sh*t to be at the CMA Fest this year, and hear ol’ Chief himself sing this one live.

I have to say, this performance looked absolutely electric, as Church debuted the new style we can expect to see on this new tour. We’re talking the whole big band, trumpets, trombones, and all.

Some fans were actually disappointed with Chief’s performance, however, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Eric revealed that he didn’t want to spoil everything he had in store, and that’s why he didn’t play one of his biggest hits:

“I didn’t play ‘Springsteen,’ because I have a new version of ‘Springsteen.’ You’ve got to come to a show and see it.”

And it’s not just “Springsteen” that will sound a little different if you catch a show on the Outsiders Revival Tour. Church has debuted new versions of many of his songs, showcasing the 12-piece band and horn section that he’s bringing along with him on the tour.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock