Chimpanzee Drills Woman With Water Bottle After She Threw It In His Enclosure

Monkeys throws bottle

Getting what you deserve.

Somethings just go as they should, this is one of those times.

Wildlife is so funny. They can get angry when people don’t respect them, as crazy as it sounds, it happens all the time.

Chimpanzees are our closest relative, sharing around 98% of humans DNA. They are large, growing over 5.5 feet tall and weighing over 140 pounds. They have a similar body shape to humans and are incredibly abled due to intelligence and their ability to use their thumbs.

However, chimps are incredibly strong even for their size. They have a unique muscle build that allows them to have the power to lift more than they weigh. This helps them find food and swing through the trees.

These amazing animals are a favorite in zoos. They are just so cool and smart, making them fun to watch. However, these animals do require a lot of attention and need social structure and space to actually do well in captivity.

This woman quickly learned about the strength and intelligence of a chimp in this zoo in China.

According to the New York Post, an incident at a zoo in southern China has gone viral thanks to this chimpanzee’s big league arm. It all started when a bystander threw a water bottle at the chimpanzee, which missed and landed in the animal’s exhibit.

The chimp, whose name is Diu Na Xing, has become notorious for throwing rocks, mud, and other objects out of his exhibit at zoo-goers. The fact that he throws things is actually one of the reasons why this chimp is one of the zoo’s most popular attractions to visit.

Big mistake…

She started videoing the chimp once it picked up her water bottle, so he looks right at the camera and chucks the water bottle as hard as it can, nailing the woman right in the face.


The woman who was hit suffered a cut on her eyebrow and a broken phone screen.

Get this chimp a MLB contract…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock