Travis Tritt Announces First Career Gospel Album ‘Country Chapel’

Travis Tritt
Gaither Music

Travis Tritt is going gospel.

The Grammy award-winning artist took to social media platforms today to announce his forthcoming album Country Chapel with Gaither Music.

“We are excited to announce that award-winning country star Travis Tritt is releasing his first-ever Gospel album with Gaither Music! 

‘Country Chapel’ will be released on September 15. Pre-order your copy and listen to “When God Dips His Love in My Heart” this Friday!”

Gaither Music shared to their Instagram.

Tritt was quickly in follow, sharing a message about how excited he was for this project.

“I’ve wanted to make this album for over thirty years, and I hope and pray that everyone who hears it will be inspired and encouraged through Jesus Christ.”

The album will take listeners back to Tritt’s childhood roots, combining the church choir sound he grew up with alongside his award-winning country vocals.

His single “When God Dips His Love In My Heart” will drop this Friday, giving listeners a peak into the remainder of the album.

It is confirmed that the album will also feature his version of the strong testimonial “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” by Johnny Russell, famously covered by The Oak Ridge Boys. The album will also feature a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me.”

Last year, Tritt appeared on the Jesus Calling Devotional & Podcast, telling listeners about his background singing in the church choir of his hometown of Marietta, Georgia.

“The first time that I ever sang for anybody in public we had a children’s choir, children’s church back when I was very, very young…five or six years old. 

We rehearsed the song, which was a new song at the time, ‘Everything Is Beautiful,’ the old Ray Stevens song. And they chose me to sing the solo parts. 

Man, I was nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Finally, we had an opportunity to go up to what we referred to as ‘Big Church’ and perform that song for the adult congregation. 

I think that’s probably where I got bit by the bug. 

I just realized that was something that I wanted to continue to be doing. Even though I didn’t pursue it as a career till many, many years later, I knew right then that was something that I wanted to do.”

After being in the music industry for decades, he gives a nod to his root through singing in the church.

“Why Me, Lord.”

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