Jamie Lin Wilson and Courtney Patton Team Up For Surprise Duet “Hard Times Lately”

Jamie Lin WIlson Courtney Patton
Jamie Lin Wilson & Courtney Patton

Two of the most underrated women in country music just teamed up for a surprise single, and it’s solid country gold.

Courtney Patton and Jamie Lin Wilson, two old friends on the Texas country music scene who each make some of the best music in the business, teamed up together recently for their single “Hard Time Lately.”

Carrying a powerful message about friendship through impressive lyricism, which is only bolstered by the dynamic vocals and harmonies of Patton and Wilson, the two artists wrote the duet together and each took to Instagram to provide a bit more context behind the tune for their fans.

From Courtney Patton:


Jamie Lin Wilson and I just released a duet we wrote about leaning in to friendship and finding time for one another when the road gets long, while we raise our babies and deal with all the other curveballs life throws.

Here’s to laughing and letting it all go with your BFF. ‘Hard Time Lately’ is out where you stream music now!”

And Wilson chimed in on her Instagram as well:

“If you’ve ever had a friend help you through the hard times, and celebrate the good ones, this song is for you.

I started having an imaginary conversation with Courtney Patton years ago after she didn’t answer my phone call (shocker). That song went from a song about her, to a song WITH her. We only thought it was right to kick off our annual therapeutic Best Friends Trip this week with the release of ‘Hard Time Lately.’

Hope y’all listen and share it with all your closest friends!”

Check out their song “Hard Time Lately” for yourself, here’s a quick glimpse at the first verse:

“I am in need of a conversation
Got myself in a situation I don’t like
I don’t need the strain
If you got time I’d like to see you
The only one who knows me
You’ve seen me through all my darkest days
Yeah a friend in need is a friend indeed they say…”

These two obviously make up an amazing duo, but if you’re not familiar with either of their individual music, then you are really missing out.

Two of the best songwriters in the game with deep catalogs full of country music gems waiting to be discovered, Courtney Patton and Jamie Lin Wilson are two of the most underrated artists in music write now.

Check out some of my favorite songs of theirs here:

“Alice” – Jamie Lin Wilson

“Death & Life” – Jamie Lin Wilson

“Electrostatic” – Courtney Patton

And if you’re a Turnpike Troubadours fan, you might recognize this one Wilson co-wrote with Evan Felker…

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