Remember When Miranda Lambert Stabbed A Beach Ball On Stage? – “We’re Not At The Damn Beach”

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Miranda Lambert is the talk of the music world folks.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly seen the viral video, as first reported by Whiskey Riff, of Miranda Lambert calling out some fans for taking some photos during her show.

During her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino this past weekend, Miranda stopped in the middle of an acoustic performance of “Tin Man” to call out a group of girls who were more focused on taking a selfie than paying attention to the show:

“I’m gonna stop right here for a second, I’m sorry. These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song. It’s pissing me off a little bit.

I don’t like it. At all. We’re here to hear some country music tonight. I’m singing some country damn music.”

@justingregg8 Amazing show. 10/10 recommend. This had ☠️ lmaooooo #countrymusic #MirandaLambert ♬ original sound – Justin Gregg

The viral moment has divided the internet with many thinking that Miranda was way out of line… reason being that fans who paid good money to attend should be able to take a picture. Meanwhile other fans have defended Miranda arguing that the amount a cell phone use at concerts is distracting to both the artist and other fans who are trying to enjoy the show.

Of course, I can see both sides of the argument… but now that performers have the ability to completely remove cell phones from the show (Garth Brooks and Dave Chapelle have both utilized phone-free policies), my thought is that Miranda should probably follow suit if she wants to eliminate that distraction from her show.

That being said, there is nothing worse than people talking or taking pictures during an intimate performance, especially during a song like Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man.”

So where do I fall? If you don’t want any phones at your show, pony up that money and put a policy in place. However if you’re a fan, have some respect and choose your photo opportunity carefully… like, when it’s loud and rowdy, not quiet and intimate.

However, this isn’t the first time she’s called fans out… and if you’re familiar with Miranda Lambert at all (of course, half the chatter on the internet right now is from people who don’t even listen to country music), you already know this.

We’ve seen her stop shows in the past when fans were talking too much, and who could forget this viral moment from back in 2019.

During a show in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on her 2019 Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour, Miranda got annoyed when a beach ball started hopping around the concert venue.

As the ball made its way over to her on the stage, Miranda took the opportunity to remind everybody that this was a country music show, not the damn beach. Then, to everybody’s surprise (and applause), she pulled out a knife and gave that beach ball a good prison yard shanking.

“I love y’all but we’re not at the damn beach. We’re singing country music tonight.”


And if you’ve followed Miranda’s career over the years, you know that she’s knifed quite a few beach balls in her time.

She also did it back in 2016 during a May show in Noblesville, Indiana.

Morale of the story?

Never bring a beach ball to a Miranda Lambert concert…

The Photo Has Been Revealed

The photo that has divided the interwebs has officially been revealed.

In a post on her Instagram, @lifestyle_with_adela posted the photo that her group was taking that drew Miranda’s attention:

“These are the 2 pictures we were taking when Miranda Lambert stopped her concert and told us to sit down and not take selfies.”

You can see from the picture that they weren’t actually selfies being taken, because they clearly had somebody else taking the picture of the group for them. But it also looks like the flash was on so perhaps that was what caught Miranda’s attention.

The “influencer” also said in the comments that two of her friends walked out after being singled out by the country star for taking the photos.

Walked out? C’mon…

While most in the comments of the Instagram post were supportive, the internet is clearly divided over who was in the wrong here.

What say you?

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