Tracy Lawrence Announces His First Ever Headlining Show At The Ryman Auditorium

Tracy Lawrence
Jon Paul Bruno

How has Tracy Lawrence never headlined the Ryman?

The former home of the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium is one of the most historic venues in Nashville – and in country music.

Since the building first hosted the Opry back in 1942, legends of country music from Hank Williams to Johnny Cash and everybody in between have graced its stage, making it a must-play venue for any country artist – and artists of any genre.

And there’s not really much that needs to be said about Tracy Lawrence. He’s one of the biggest superstars to come out of the glory days of ’90s country, rocketing his way to the top with hits like “Alibis,” “Time Marches On,” and “Paint Me a Birmingham.”

At one point in the ’90s Tracy was one of the most-played artists on the radio – of ANY genre.

He’s played all over the world, headlining some of the biggest and most historic venues in country music. And he’s still selling out shows all over the country, more than 30 years after he first burst onto the scene.

Yet somehow, he’s never played a headlining show at the Ryman.

But that’s about to change.

Tracy will finally be headlining his first ever show at the Mother Church of Country Music next May 4, 2024. And Tracy tells Whiskey Riff that the history of the Ryman makes it a special opportunity:

“The Ryman has been a favorite to play for many years. I’ve done a lot different events there but never a full show. The history of Country music there is unmatched and I can’t wait to stand on the stage where so many of my heroes have stood.”

It only makes sense for a legend like Tracy to headline the same stage that has played host to so many legends over the years.

And hearing “Paint Me a Birmingham” in the Mother Church?

Sign me up.

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