Leopard Jumps Nearly 15-Feet Through The Air & Takes Down Monkey From Treetop

Leopard chases monkey
Susanta Nanda

Some people complain that their DoorDash food delivery is taking too long, when meanwhile this leopard is risking its life jumping from tree to tree just to get a meal.

When you put things into perspective, things really aren’t all that bad, even if your pizza takes 30 minutes to get to your doorstep. You could be roughing it for every meal like this leopard, or worse, you could be the monkey running for your life.

If there is any animal that should have an advantage racing through the tree tops, you would think that it’s a monkey. However, this leopard seems to be pretty agile in the trees as well, and the way that the chase down ends is straight out of an action movie.

Right from the get go, the chase is on, and the monkey seems to be in pretty big trouble. A loud gasp is let out by someone near the camera when the monkey makes a 15 foot leap from one tree to the next and in pursuit, the leopard falls from the tree.

The video then picks back up after two monkeys jump back to the original tree, and this time, the leopard in the tree does its best “monkey impersonation” and make it to the next tree top.

The second monkey that jumped is still grabbing onto one of the lower hanging branches at the top of the tree. It looked as if it was going to be able to lift itself up if not for the leopard that comes flying through the air, grabbing onto the monkey and pile driving them both down to the ground.

Not a great way to go out for the monkey, but a well-deserved meal for the leopard. I was certainly rooting for the monkey to make a great escape, and though that didn’t ultimately end up happening, the leopard’s badass take down helped me get over it.

An official with the Indian Forest Reserve, captured the stunning footage and posted it to their Twitter account with the caption:

“This is why Leopards are known as most opportunistic and versatile hunters.”

Social media users were shocked to see the leopard look like a natural up in the trees, leaving replies underneath the video like:

Poor monkey indeed…

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