Baby Rattlesnake Follows Her Mother In California

Rattlesnake babies
So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal

That’s one momma I’m certainly staying away from.

It’s always cool to see instances where nature and humanity seem to overlap. One of the largest examples is motherhood.

For the most part, mothers in the wild are no different. Except they tend have more obstacles and challenges to face every single day… like other critters trying to eat their babies.

Rattlesnakes are known far and wide for their famous rattle they have on the tip of their tail they let rattle to warn intruders before they get too close for comfort. They are large snakes that can measure up to 6.5 feet in length.

These carnivorous snakes love to eat small mammals, birds and lizards. They strike with power and inject venom that immobilizes their prey, making eating them easy for them after the strike.

Rattlesnakes also have a cool birthing method. They keep their eggs inside them until the young hatch and then they give live birth unlike many other snakes.

Rattlesnakes stay by their young for the first bit, forming a den that offers protection for them until they are able to survive on their own.

Seeing a snake looking after its young is always cool.

But, with a rattlesnake one should definitely proceed with caution.

This mother rattlesnake is seen trucking across an open area. Her young baby rattlesnake is seen following close behind her in the rare video.

Pretty cool, eh?

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