Twitter Can’t Stop Making Jokes About This Strange Looking Tibetan Fox

Tibetan fox

In today’s era of instant feedback, putting yourself out there on the internet can be a dangerous thing.

Posting a picture nowadays is only for the brave, for those who aren’t afraid to receive overtly honest feedback from an anonymous, no-holding-back internet user. Thank God I grew up just a little bit before social media was “everything,” because I don’t know how some of the kids do it now a days.

And in that same vein, here we have a poor Tibetan fox who is uniquely beautiful in its own way, yet is getting absolutely eviscerated by those on social media. The good news is that this fox won’t ever see all the memes that are originating around its distinct look, or at least we hope it won’t ever have to.

As you’ve mindlessly been scrolling on social media, you probably came across this video, which has now garnered almost 45 million views. Why does it have that many views you may ask?

Well take a look for yourself and see if the appearance of the fox doesn’t make you watch it a couple of times:

I’ve got a couple of theories as to why this particular clip of this Tibetan fox is capturing the internet:

-Clearly there is something mysterious about its eyes. I don’t know if they are too far apart, or if they aren’t proportional to its face, but something is going on there.

-And speaking of proportions, the fox’s head looks to be too large for its body, doesn’t it? Or it kind of looks like one of those characters you create on a video game where you get to choose legs, a torso, and a head, and this fox’s head got mismatched.

Social media has been trying to put their finger on it as well, but they have mostly just been making jokes and saying “this fox looks like…” It has been pretty entertaining to follow along with actually, so go ahead and dive into the best of the best that I’ve gathered below:

Let me be clear: I scrolled through endless amounts of replies and quote tweets and maybe 2% of them were relatively nice.

Social media can be a ruthless place…

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