Man On Stolen Tractor Leads Police On Low-Speed Chase To Waffle House Parking Lot

Waffle House tractor

Possum, is that you?

A low-speed police chase in Georgia looked more like a scene out of George Jones music video as officers pursued a man on a stolen John Deere tractor through the streets earlier this week.

According to WSB-TV, police in the Atlanta suburb of Hapeville received reports of a stolen John Deere 5100 tractor fleeing from the nearby College Park police on Thursday morning. That’s when they spotted the machine – still pulling its Batwing mower – going down the street and began to give chase.

Now, I guess chase is a relative term, because the driver was only going about 20 mph during the pursuit. So it wasn’t exactly a high-speed chase. But at some point, the driver did a u-turn and tried hitting police officers who were attempting to box him in, before turning into a McDonald’s and eventually ending up in a Waffle House parking lot.

I mean, can’t blame him for wanting to stop for some hash browns after all the excitement.

After pulling up to the Waffle House, officers got out of their cars but the driver wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

The tractor rammed into a police car, then crashed into another parked car while officers were trying to climb up into the cab to stop the chase.

Video of the wild scene was shared on TikTok, showing the driver of the tractor continuing to plow into the car with police hanging onto the side as they tried to climb in.

@heyitsendia Atlanta is literally GTA🤦🏽‍♀️ All i wanna know is where he was going with that tractor😂 #atlanta #police #highspeedchase #gta #fyp ♬ original sound – HeyItsEndia

Police were eventually able to take the thief, who has been identified as Matthew Fortune, into custody after spraying him with pepper spray.

Just another normal day at the Waffle House. Police probably should have just let the Waffle House staff handle this one. They would have had the situation under control in no time.

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