Brothers Osborne Announce Fourth Studio Album, Drop New Single “Sun Ain’t Even Gone Down Yet”

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Brothers Osborne

Nothing better than a new single leading up to an album release.

Brothers Osborne have been teasing us with the promise of a new album since April when they dropped the three-track EP Nobody’s Nobody, followed by a single release of “Goodbye’s Kickin’ In” in late May.

And while the singles have been nice, fans have been waiting to see when we’d be finally be getting a full-length album.

Well now we have our answer, as the duo announced their self-titled album coming soon.

Slated to release in September, Brothers Osborne will be the Grammy-winning duo’s fourth studio album, and they are doing it their way this time.

“Our self-titled album will be coming on September 15. We’ve always intentionally had an air of mystery around us, but now we are more ourselves creatively and publicly than we’ve ever been.

With this new album and the help of producer Mike Elizondo, we’re all in. It’s time to lean in to who we are.”

TJ Osborne notes that in the curation of this album:

“We’ve always had a lot of mystery intentionally around the things we have done, but with this album, we decided to be all in. And doing that reminded me of what it was like when I first started playing music, when it was an outlet for my angst or just a way to have fun.”

And John also gave his thoughts on embracing themselves via their sound:

“Since our last record, we’ve been very forthcoming with who we are. By acknowledging TJ’s personal life and my mental health struggles, we are more ourselves creatively and publicly than we’ve ever been.

We are always pushing ourselves, always evolving, and not afraid to change.

But at the end of the day, we are also who we are.”

The Bros also accompanied their album announcement with the release of “Sun Ain’t Gone Down Yet,” a lighthearted drinking song that perfectly complements some of the heavier tracks they’ve released from the album so far.

“We like to play music, we like to be serious, but sometimes we like to have fun, too. We like to drink, too. We like to party on a boat, too. “Sun Ain’t Even Gone Down Yet” is out now.

Give it a listen and party with us. It’ll (hopefully) be your new favorite summer song.”

They were not kidding that the song would be your favorite song of summer. This track just sounds like day drinking.

Sets the scene perfectly:

“…already high noon high
If a cold libation’s any indication
We’re gonna have a hell of a night.”

I am beyond thrilled to hear the ever-evolving sound of the brothers. From their comments, it seems that this one will be different from who they’ve been in the past, but that they feel it captures the essence of who they want to be moving forward.

September is right around the corner, and the singles already released are a great indication that the remainder of this album’s tracks will be something to look forward to.

Brothers Osborne Tracklist:

  1. Who Says You Can’t Have Everything
  2. Nobody’s Nobody
  3. Might As Well Be Me
  4. Sun Ain’t Even Gone Down Yet
  5. Goodbyes Kickin’ In
  6. Love You Too
  7. New Bad Habit
  8. We Ain’t Good At Breaking Up
  9. Back Home
  10. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That
  11. Rollercoaster (Forever and a Day)

After the album’s release, Brothers Osborne will celebrate four newly announced tour dates in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, and Nashville. John and TJ note that these shows will be different from others, focused on highlighting the sound of the new album, with a few sprinkling of their older favorites.

See their current tour dates below:

Jul. 14, 2023- Memphis, TN, Radians Amphitheater
Jul. 15, 2023- Bentonville, AR, The Momentary
Jul. 21, 2023- Clear Lake, IA, Surf Ballroom And Museum
July 22, 2023- Thunder Bay, ON, CA, Fort Williams Historical Park
Jul. 27, 2023- Kansas City, MO, KC Live!
Jul. 28, 2023- Urbana, IL, Champaign County Fair Association
Jul. 29, 2023- West Bend, WI, Washington County Fair Park & Conference Center
Aug. 3, 2023- Green Bay, WI, Resch Expo Complex Plaza
Aug. 4, 2023- Detroit Lakes, MN, WE Fest
Aug. 5, 2023- Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux Empire Fair
Aug. 11, 2023- Columbus, GA, Columbus Civic Center
Aug. 12, 2023- Charleston, SC, The Riviera Theater
Aug. 18, 2023- Portland, ME, Thompson’s Point
Aug. 19, 2023- Montréal, QC, Lasso 2023
Aug. 24, 2023- Put In Bay, OH, Bash on the Bay
Sep. 1, 2023- Grand Junction, CO, Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park
Sep. 2, 2023- Snowmass Village, CO, Jazz Aspen Snowmass 2023
Sep. 8, 2023- Martin, TN, WK&T Amphitheater
Sep. 15, 2023- Napa, CA, Fortinet Championship
Sep. 22, 2023- Live Oak, FL, Suwannee River Jam 2023
Sep. 30, 2023- Minot, ND, Norsk Hostfest
Oct. 5, 2023- New York, NY, The Rooftop At Pier 17
Oct. 7, 2023- Nashville, TN, Ascend Amphitheater
Oct. 14, 2023- Washington, DC, The Anthem
Oct. 19, 2023- Fort Worth, TX, Gordy’s HWY30 Texas Edition 2023
Oct. 21, 2023- Phoenix, AZ, Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Oct. 22, 2023- Los Angeles, CA, The Greek Theatre

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