Golfers Stunned To See Snapping Turtle Clamp Down On Duck’s Neck At Arkansas Course Pond

Turtle snaps ducks neck
Nature Is Metal

I’ll never forget being a kid and playing near the creek behind my grandparents’ house.

They’d always warn me:

“Stay out of the creek, there’s snapping turtles.”

I always thought they were just saying that because they didn’t want me walking through the house wet…

I was wrong… there were some big ol’ turtles in that water.

In this crazy video footage, you can see a snapping turtle inside a pond on an Arkansas golf course making light work of a duck.

You can visibly see the snapping turtle clamped down on the neck of the duck, and needless to say, the poor duck didn’t stand a chance. By the time the video started, the snapping turtle already had the duck, and by the end of the video, it appears the work had already been done.

I mean, this turtle lived up to his name because that duck’s poor neck looked snapped into pieces…

This is further proof that you always have to be wary of what lies below you whenever you’re walking through a creek, pond, swamp, etc.

The caption to the video  provides some extra insight to snapping turtle habits in the wild:

“Turtles are typically omnivores, with a diet consisting of both plant and animal matter. They can adapt their feeding habits based on available food sources, but it’s unusual to see them target larger birds like ducks.

Without knowing the exact species of the turtle, it’s hard to say what sparked this encounter. What is clear, though, is that even in familiar settings like a local pond, wildlife can exhibit unexpected behavior.

Such interactions remind us of the unexpected dynamism of our local ecosystems, turning an ordinary day on the golf course into a fascinating wildlife watch.

Our local ecosystems have a knack for surprising us, abruptly lifting the veil on its raging savagery when we least expect it.”

Check it out:

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