USC Coach Lincoln Riley Gets Roasted (AGAIN) After He Bravely Shares A Picture Of His Grilled Tuna

Lincoln Riley tuna
Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Man, somebody get Lincoln Riley in the kitchen and give him some tips.

The USC head football coach is currently going viral for all the wrong reasons (AGAIN), after posting another picture of his workmanship behind the grill.

Of course, he famously went viral back in 2021 (when he was coaching at Oklahoma) for this monstrosity of an Easter brisket, which looked more like a leather suitcase than it did a delicious brisket.

And this time, he tried his hand at a grilled ahi tuna:

“Thanks coach Dennis Simmons! Epic catch!”

And you guessed it… the reaction is the same.

Problem is… I don’t think most of the people commenting (people in Oklahoma) realize that your tuna is supposed to be raw in the middle. In fact, it probably should be MORE raw in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he did a good job with the tuna right here, but it sounds like a number of jilted Oklahoma fans never seen a tuna before.

There were a ton of comments about he overcooked the infamous brisket, and then went full raw with the tuna:

Like I said, definitely not the perfect tuna sear, but I’ll give it to coach Riley here… that took some major guts to share this to the world.

Dude should probably just stay out of the kitchen… or least off Twitter with it.

He’s getting cooked more than an Easter brisket:

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