Twitter Has A Field Day With The Idea Of Ed Orgeron Coaching At Northwestern

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Everyone’s favorite, scratchy-voiced college football coach is trending, and the reason should excite all college football fans.

Coach Ed Orgeron was most recently the coach of the LSU Tigers from 2016 until 2o21. During his tenure there, he led the Louisiana school to four straight winning seasons (if you count in his interim year) and coached the Tigers to a perfect 15-0 record and a National Championship in 2019.

But in this day and age of instant gratification, LSU struggled in their COVID shortened 2020 season, going 5-5, and and after finishing 6-6 the following year in 2021, the university parted ways with Coach O.

When speaking on his exit from the university, Orgeron gave quite the entertaining quote about how it all went down:

“They said, ‘Coach, you’ve got $17.1 million on your contract.

We’re gonna give it to you.’ I said, ‘What time do you want me to leave and what door do you want me out of, brother?'”

So things have been quiet around the Ed Orgeron camp since then, with many speculating that he might not ever coach again and live off his LSU earnings, while others believed he was just waiting for the right opportunity to come his way.

And some recent rumbling might be just what Orgeron was looking for.

Northwestern University, located just north of Chicago, Illinois, just recently fired their head coach after hazing allegations have rocked the team.

Coach O somehow got it out there in the news cycle that if Northwestern called him, he would listen. A post on social media elaborated on the situation a little further, saying:

“Former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron “would have interest” in coaching at Northwestern, but has not yet heard from the school.”

However, that was quickly disputed:

The match would probably be a great fit for a university that has longed to make the college football playoff. Getting a guy in Coach O that has been there before could create the perfect storm at Northwestern.

Only problem is that many people are worried that players at Northwestern might struggle to understand Ed Orgeron’s bayou accent, which is why the former head coach is currently trending on Twitter.

Just take a look at some of the glorious memes that are being sent out in response to the rumor, and folks, we’re really just getting started:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock