Six Year Old Superfan Offers To Trade His Four-Wheeler To Sing With Cody Johnson: “If He Needs A Four Wheeler I Will Give It To Him”

Cody Johnson
Kamber Halde/Jason Kempin via Getty Images

Making CoJo an offer he can’t refuse.

Obviously here at Whiskey Riff we love to see kids being raised up right on good country music. And little Porter here is a big fan of one of the best right now, Cody Johnson.

Six-year old Porter has even covered CoJo’s “Til You Can’t” during his school’s talent show – and did a heck of a job.

But little Porter’s dreaming even bigger than just covering Cody Johnson in the talent show: He wants to sing with him too.

The child’s mother, Kamber, posted a video to her Facebook asking Porter what he would trade CoJo the opportunity to see his hero at Cheyenne Frontier Days, and to get up on stage and sing a few bars.

And while Porter’s not willing to give up his beloved horse Sugar (good choice), he makes a pretty good offer:

“I would take the deal with my four wheeler. If he needs a four wheeler I will give it to him.”

(Of course Porter also admits that the four wheeler is getting too little for him, but CoJo doesn’t need to know that).

He even knows what song he wants to sing with Cody if he gets the chance, and it’s not one of his hits like you’d expect. No, Porter would go with “Every Scar Has a Story” from Cody’s 2016 album Gotta Be Me.

Sounds like a great choice to me.

What Porter doesn’t know, though, is that his mom has already got him tickets to see Cody Johnson perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days this year, and plans to surprise the young fan with them on their way to the show – the first time Porter will get to see Johnson live, and a moment that Kamber says she knows will thrill the CoJo superfan:

“We are all so excited that we can hardly sleep so I know he will be worse!”

Can’t wait to see Porter’s reaction when he finds out that he’s going to get to see Cody Johnson live and in person. And hey, maybe CoJo will need some help on stage.

If he does, I think we know just the right guy for the job.

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