YouTuber Tries To Prank UFC Fighter Jalin Turner And Shocker, It Doesn’t Go Well

Jalin Turner
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Enough is enough…

Prank videos are yet again all the craze on the internet as videos of idiots annoying and sometimes downright disrespecting people go viral seemingly 100 times a day.

There’s the kid who slathered his parents’ kitchen in peanut butter, this guy who left his wife high and dry (figuratively) on their wedding day, and of course the moron who got choked out in a Home Depot after running up on a stranger.

Welp, let’s add another one to the list as some random YouTuber decided to try and pull up on a UFC fighter of all people for a bit of internet cred.

Jalin Turner has been in the UFC since 2018 and just this past weekend squared up with Dan Hooker in a main card PPV showdown that was an absolutely incredible and close fight. Although it didn’t go Turner’s way, he’s still ranked 12th in the lightweight division, meaning he’s lightyears ahead of literally every single average Joe on the street.

Well, this random YouTuber (I haven’t found his name and won’t look it up because I don’t believe in rewarding stupidity) saw Turner and two of his friends (most likely other fighters) going down an escalator in Las Vegas and decided to get the cameras rolling and see what happens.

Pretending to be on the phone right behind Turner, he starts making some super aggressive statements

“Imma tell you right now, Imma smack the sh*t out of him and his f*ckin’ boys.”

When Jalin hears this and turns around to face the man, he snarky adds right to his face

“You heard what I said.”

Yeah, probably not the best thing to say while a fighter is going through a weight cut…

Jalin immediately grabs the man by his throat and throws him to the ground where it looks like the “prankster” is about to catch a ground and pound beating. Fortunately, one of Turner’s friends gets in the middle before his buddy can do anything he regrets, but continues embarrassing the now shaking instigator.

Fortunately, they didn’t actually beat the guy senseless (although it would have been fun to watch) and he went on his way to ruin other peoples’ day, but on the way out he just had to get in one last moronic statement before literally running away.

“But I will smack the f*ck out of you dude” 

There you have it, the modern day content creator in its natural habitat.

We were super close to seeing one of these guys really catch a bad ending… maybe next time.

Jalin said the guy got lucky it was fight week.

“I wouldn’t say it went wrong, I would say it went exactly how it was supposed to go… he was lucky it was fight week or I probably would’ve threw some hands, but it’s ok.”

Take notes all you “content creators.”

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