Home Depot Prank Goes Wrong As Guy Ends Up Getting Choked Out And Screaming Like A Baby

home depot prank

Dads will find any reason to hit up Home Depot on a Saturday morning.

As soon as I had my kid, it was as if a magnetic pull bloomed from the Earth, forcing me to find any reason to go buy stuff I don’t need. You can take your dog, aimlessly putter around while saying “no thanks” to the employees even if you really do need help finding something you wanted to stare at in person vs buying on Amazon.

Or, maybe you’re more of a Lowe’s guy. Regardless, Ron Swanson said it best.

“I know more than you.”

Whatever your store is, Home Depot – Menards – Lowe’s, the last thing you want while at your meditation is some bozo shoving some PVC pipe into your ear.

That’s what happened with some TikTok prankster who found the wrong one and ended up mounted UFC-style.

The hilarious scream. The choke out. The other old dudes not knowing what the hell is going on. Just a beautiful sight at the Dad Depot.

“Ain’t no f-king joke, don’t f-k with me, you hear me!?”

Florida Home Depot Brawl Features Paint Flying, Old Man Haymakers, Shovels, And A Poor Truck

Wanted to write a quick thank you note to Florida.

During these times some things have remained as consistent as ever – mainly, Florida news. It’s been there throughout the years, never missing a beat, to keep us entertained and in awe.

We thank you, Florida. And of course, we thank the always insane Florida Man.

Now, this gem. A good ol’ fashioned donnybrook coming to you from a Tampa, FL Home Depot.

This is filled with so much action, continuously becoming more entertaining  as the old men swing for the fences, swing shovels, throw paint – you name it. Also, that poor truck…

Roll the tape.

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A beer bottle on a dock