Groom Goes Viral After Wedding Day Prank Leaves His New Wife Jumping In A Pool In Her Wedding Dress Alone


Not exactly the way you wanna start married life…

A groom has gone viral on TikTok after he pulled a mean prank on his new wife, letting her jump into a pool in full hair and makeup, wearing her wedding dress, all alone after their ceremony.

In the video below, which now has 11.4 million views and counting, you can see the newly married couple happily running towards the pool together, but at the last second, the groom steps to the side and lets the bride jump in full-throttle by herself.

And honestly, she seems to take it way better than I would have, coming up from getting drenched in the water laughing as her groom laughs and wedding guests look on, completely dry, of course.

Of course, the TikTok comments were pretty brutal, with many echoing the sentiment that it’s “the beginning of the end” for this couple, and others adding:

“Damn, that’s when the trust issues start.”

“What a way to start a marriage.”

“He’s a child. Huge red flag.”

“That marriage is over.”

“Wow. End of marriage.”

“Fastest divorce ever.”

“Yeah…. immediate betrayal… not a good sign.”

“Basically he’s not all in.”

“No respect for his bride smh.”

“Divorced same day as the wedding lmao.”

I’d love to know what the bride’s real reaction was once she got over the shock and wasn’t in front of tons of wedding guests, because I have to imagine she wasn’t all that thrilled about it…

You can watch the video here:


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